What is Kensho Coaching?

What does Kensho mean?
From Wikipedia: Kensho (⾒性) means seeing one's true self. "...a blissful realization where a person's inner nature, the originally pure mind, is directly known as an illuminating emptiness, a thusness which is dynamic and immanent in the world."
What kind of coaching is Kensho?
The term ‘coaching’ always seems too limited to encompass the breadth and subtleties that its practice embodies. A coach need not be expert in any field of endeavour that a client wishes to excel; the coach is not there to supply answers, but to assist the client in finding their own. This plain description belies the expertise of a skilled coach in listening without judgement, perceiving without filters, and holding the client capable without limitation.
Many coaches, such as those who jumped into the field when it became enough of a fad to be the butt of a Simpsons episode, employ rote dialectic and vacuous buzzword-laden patented questionnaires to convey the appearance of sophistication. An expert coach, by contrast, appears on the surface to be engaged in nothing more complex than the Socratic pedagogy of conversing on a log opposite the client. We do not put our clients through formulaic exchanges or pop-quiz tools; we use personal and profound dialogue to bring the client to a higher level of awareness and capability. When indicated, we will use a variety of tools such as mindmapping, guided imagery, goal setting, NeuroLinguistic Programming techniques, and, yes, even questionnaires on occasion. So as facile and circular as it might seem to define coaching in these client-centric terms, anything else would ultimately be unsatisfactory.
What can I expect in professional coaching?
I specialize in diagnosing and repairing breakdowns in communication between technical and nontechnical people. For instance, a developer who cannot establish mutual understanding with her management on priorities; a newly minted technology sales representative who has trouble relating to customers; a manager who doesn't motivate his team members.
What can I expect in personal coaching?
See our growing section of articles and videos for the new client. We will meet remotely via a tool such as Skype, Google Hangouts, or Zoom. We can also meet in person if required. We will explore your needs, set goals, and embark on a journey of unconditional support.