Technology Management

The focus of Kensho Coaching is on people in technology and how they relate to, communicate with, and understand each other and nontechnical people. Managers in the technology business may find themselves on either side of that divide: unable to communicate with or motivate their own employees, or at odds with customers and other business units.

The tech executive may therefore feel in a double bind: either he or she establishes empathy with his or her developers at the cost of understanding nontechnical people, or he or she turns into the Pointy Haired Boss of Dilbert.

We are aware of many managers who have made the latter choice, probably unconsciously. Scott Adams didn't become as revered as he is by creating fantasies with no basis in fact.

It's a challenge, there's no doubt about it. But some people have successfully risen to it by developing exceptional people skills. It may seem that those skills are most needed for understanding the nontechnical people. Not at all. The real challenge is how do you continue to relate to developers when you have no choice but to let your technical skills fall by the wayside. How can you even continue to understand them?