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What is Kensho?

“Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand.” —  Thomas Carlyle

Are you ready for the biggest change in history?

The Next Revolution in technology will change the future of employment forever.

Read what all the futurists and pundits miss, and how it affects you now.

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What’s New

Latest articles and blog entries

Still getting the hang of this awesome yet huge template.

I have new pages posted in the developers' corner, the annual inventory, and on motivation. More (pant, pant) to come!

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Kensho Blog - The role of shame in the workplace

Over at the blog, I riffed on a book that discoursed about the ever-popular topic of shame. Gotta start somewhere, right?

Kensho Blog - The Lights in the Tunnel

I have posted an article at the blog on the book "The Lights in the Tunnel," by Martin Ford. Summary: Read the book!

The Kensho Edge

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Our Coaching

We coach individuals and groups, mainly professionally, sometimes personally.

Kensho targets technical people and the nontechnical people they come in contact with, helping break down the barriers between them.

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People from many walks of life have something to say about Kensho coaching.

Here’s where they get to toot our horn for us.

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Coaching Leverage

Coaching gives you an extra viewpoint and a competitive edge.

The extra dimension of perspective and the objective, trained support give you a lead over the competition and a fuller life.

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Peter Scott's unusual background confers a unique advantage.

Being a citizen and long-time resident of three different countries affords a perspective that escapes the usual fishbowls most people live in.

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What coaching can do for you professionally...

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