The New Slavery

In 1995 I started collecting notes for a book.
The topic was to be overworking. The subtitle: "The Modern Cult of Overworking. How it started, how it's killing you, and how to stop it."

Pretty catchy, huh? Only thing wrong with this picture being, that I have never gotten around to writing that book.

Because I've been too busy.

Yes folks, 1995. Since then the topic of overwork has been explored in several books. "The Overworked American" and "Time Bind" come to mind. The title of my book was to be "The New Slavery."

Let me be clear on this: I am in no way comparing overworking in the business world to the experiences of African Americans on plantations. Yet I am using deliberately provocative language. Slavery has other connotations, and in at least the abstract sense if no other, the situation many people find themselves in today has little better title should you be looking for one in a fit of honesty.

I have a lot of notes and clippings. Waste not, want not. So I will be using this section to publish occasional thoughts and assistance for the beleaguered.