I have found Peter's kind and patient guidance inspiring and invaluable. The clarity of his insights helped me identify those elements in my life I was subtly misperceiving, and contributed to my moving ahead with my now well-defined goals and priorities. — Jef Delman, Writer/Filmmaker
Peter has changed the way I problem-solve, both professionally and personally. I find myself capable of making new kinds of decisions, more daring and sophisticated ones. I attribute my growth as a business person and therapist to Peter's remarkable knowledge, instincts, compassion and gentle humor. He challenges me in the areas I needed to address, and counsels me to get past the barriers that have been getting in my way. He has the insight to ask the important questions, the questions that get at the core of each problem. Also, I consistently have the sense that he is paying close, respectful attention to my personal priorities and values. As a result of our efforts together, I have clarified my priorities, incorporated new, successful business strategies, and built a satisfying business partnership. In addition, I am finally getting close to living the lifestyle I want, with a balance of work, family and self-care. Not easy to achieve! I would highly recommend him to others. — Kathleen Lowry, LPCC, LMFT
Over the course of our sessions not only did you help me with my career but I lost 15 pounds and a method to use in the future to understand how to maintain my weight. Peter, you are a great coach for someone like me who wants to stay on course and have someone to be accountable to. Every week I would look forward to our sessions because I knew I was that much closer to not only knowing my goals but reaching them as well. Your help was invaluable and the greatest help of all was the validation I received from you. That has helped me to have more confidence in who I am and what I can achieve. — Karen Emerson, Technology Sales, USA
Over the past four years it has been my privilege to be mentored by Peter Scott. As a result, I have grown as a solutions architect, software developer, and as a project manager. If you are a technical professional of any level, you will find the time you spend with Peter to have exceptional long term value. — Gary Richmond, engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Peter demonstrated insight and finesse in helping me to identify obstacles and issues that prevented me from reaching my goals. He provided expert guidance in developing a plan with concrete steps to address them. Peter knew when to let me find the answers myself, and when to urge me down a specific course of action. Highly recommended! — David Noble, engineer, Google
Peter's meticulous listening and suggestions for small course corrections made our time together very valuable. I found the session length (30 minutes) to be just right. It did not feel rushed and we were able to open a topic, discuss it, decide on an action plan and complete the discussion within that amount of time. I would highly recommend Peter to anyone wanting more clarity or looking for a framework to achieve more success in their lives. — Amanda Sherlock, Sales representative