Here's where I organize the different ways to bring people together through the Kensho site. The Next Revolution will come to dominate this, I hope.

Irregular musings. To be recapitulated on Facebook for commenting on there.
Web versions of monthly mailings.
The Call
"The Call" is an inspirational book by Terry Tillman and myself, soon to be published. This section of the Kensho site is devoted to news of the book and follow-on content.
The Renegade Consumer
My friend Jim Gifford has a site (and book) exposing the ways our minds are corrupted and co-opted by consumerism. This section of the Kensho site is for linking to and building on his writings.
Join In
Coming soon—a section for directly building tribes and communities. As soon as I figure out what I want to do and how to do it :-)
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