Time Management

You'll hear it said that you can't manage time, because it will continue to pass by at the rate of one second per second no matter what you do. Whether you call this practice "Time Management" or something else, it boils down to the effective and efficient use of the time available to you.

Effective: Are you doing the right things? Donald Trump has the same amount of time available to him as you do. Do you think he follows some practices that make his use of that time more effective? Do you think that some of those practices might be ones that you could use without needing an exorbitant amount of money?

Efficient: Are you doing those things right? Efficiency gets a lot more attention than effectiveness, because it is much easier to measure how efficiently you are doing something than to tell whether you are doing the right thing to begin with. But once you have settled on what you should be doing, you need to look at how you get it done.

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