Okay, so that last bio was... very professional. But I'm thinking, not so personal. After all, I wrote it. The fact that it was also written to be used as a book blurb and in other places such as keynote introductions where the voice belongs to someone else doesn't mitigate the fact that this site should be in my voice. And yet sometimes my voice is in the third person... when I'm talking to my daughters for some reason I often do that: "Daddy likes chocolate, too, you know." I don't know where that came from.

But there's a ton more editing to do on this site, and fixing the voice is part of it. When I get rolling on the Next Revolution section especially. In the meantime... welcome, you've reached the more personal version of the bio. As mentioned, I have two daughters: Alana age 5, and Bless (actually Catherine, but we call her by her middle name), age 1. They are adorable and sassy. So, come to think of it, are our cats, Darla and Spanky (siblings age 10). And especially also our parrot Archie, age 18. African Grey, alpha male.

The house hasn't been quiet for a long  time.

Pictures to follow...