Who isn't overwhelmed by the demands of the office? To be employed in a professional capacity in the western world is to be buried under a mountain of work, and anyone who isn't, must be incompetent and therefore pink slip fodder.
What's the alternative?
Resolving any situation like this boils down to two choices: Change the circumstances or change your response. You can change your circumstances by becoming more effective in what you do and more efficient in how you do it. I coach both strategic planning and proven techniques for mastering the to-do list.

It may not be enough. Aside from throwing away the cellphone and moving to a Tibetan monastery, changing your response may be the only alternative. Do I have this all figured out myself? No. Work in progress here, despite how far I've come already. See the extensive (or soon to be extensive) section on this site devoted just to discussions about overworking. But I am very good at helping others find their own solutions.

The pressure to be better than the guy in the next office is relentless. Even in organizations that are too enlightened to pit their employees against one another in pin striped gladiator fights, the pressure is still there: Be uniquely valuable. Be insanely great. Be the best in the world. That drumbeat is a lot to hold over your head every day. Let me help you figure out how to dance to the beat rather than getting beaten up. You may not be able to quit the game, but you sure can have more fun playing it.