About Our Coaching

Coaching provides new perspectives.
The coach does not impose those perspectives on you, but you develop them in partnership with the coach.
Imagine that you are visiting a museum of fine art, and, like me, you are largely ignorant when it comes to art appreciation. Now visit the same museum again in the company of an art expert, and you will see things in the paintings that you didn't see before. They were always there, but now you have a perspective that enables you to make new distinctions.
Or, for instance, suppose you are looking up at the night sky at the many points of light. Now look at it with an astronomer and discover the distinctions they have about the universe. You will see things in the sky that escaped you before. Now look at the same sky with an astrologer and you will see it differently again. Is one viewpoint better than another? What's more important is the range of viewpoints, so you have more choices about how to perceive and respond.
What difference could another pair of eyes make to you?
Try driving with one eye closed. On second thoughts, don't. Go to the park and then close one eye and see what difference it makes to how you see your surroundings. That difference is what we call depth perception. A coach adds another pair of eyes to give your perception more depth. Providing that clarity requires some training to give the clearest, most useful, most objective viewpoint. In my case I have a certification from the International Coach Federation, a master's certificate in NeuroLinguistic Programming, hundreds of hours of exposure to large group personal development trainings, and the experience of delivering coaching to many clients.